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Education is an industry that’s literally as old as the human race. As soon as our ancestors figured out that younger people had to be trained in knowledge and skills, education began—first with oral tradition then eventually through establishing institutions for learning.

Today, several schools are still confident in the traditional training methods. Despite technological advancements, one can’t deny that the simple classroom lectures are still capable of getting knowledge across to students. Paper documentation still survives and if the paper itself decays, can be encoded onto another document. A significant portion of the academe has built their portfolio using traditional methods and swears by the benefits of ‘good old-fashioned learning’.

However, it’s hard to deny the sheer efficiency of modern methods—or at the very least, their overlap with the ‘old ways’. A classroom lecture can be supplemented with various media: PowerPoint presentations, film clips et al. Archives can be copied into digital form, where wear and tear can’t get to them. There are obvious benefits to easily-accessible documents stored in soft copy.

There’s also the complete digitization of learning—these days, there are universities that offer courses that can be taken completely online. Course material, assessments and requirements are all done electronically, allowing students to benefit from the course (and its related accreditations) from home (or work). Digitized learning allows a learner to keep up with the faster pace of modern life, balancing domestic and professional obligations with the enrichment and competencies to be gained from education.

This is where eLearning comes in. eLearning involves online training modules, specifically tailored for the field of study in a given course—everything from construction to medical studies. Behind each module is a specially trained instructional designer: A professional whose job it is to convey learning to a student in a way appropriate to their educational needs.  Your institution could invest time and resources in raising its own team of instructional designers, working alongside your tutors—or you could opt to outsource this task and find yourself a partner with a team already equipped to deliver eLearning efficiently and effectively.

Briston Virtual Services is a company with a dedicated staff of instructional designers, ready to produce the training modules for you. Our competencies in the industry are geared towards supporting a variety of clients—whether you’re a startup in need of some assistance or an industry veteran who needs to delegate some tasks involved in several projects. Combining industry knowledge with years of experience, we’re here to provide you with the solutions to your training needs.

We tailor our support teams to each client so you’re sure to get the right amount of expertise for your specific business need. Stellar results for low costs will enable your business to increase its profit margin while still delivering the output that you want. By working with us and benefiting from one of our customized support packages, you’re sure to optimize the output of your training program.


Briston Virtual Services specialise in delivering outstanding eLearning solutions. Our eLearning materials are creative and strategically aligned to compliment your training, educational and professional development needs. Should you wish to know more about our eLearning solutions, kindly please click this link.

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