6 Recommended Services to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant


Some business owners believe they can outsource anything, but they’re wrong. They get carried away with the thought that outsourcing is the absolute solution to cost reduction. Again they’re wrong. This is where businesses make mistakes. They think they can just hand down everything to a team of virtual assistants, but really, that is just corporate suicide. If the business is still growing, one cannot simply toss core functions to a team that is not seen every day. There are selected services that can be passed on to a virtual assistant, these include the following:


  1. Basic Administrative Tasks. The virtual assistant can be a generalist who does a bit of everything including planning schedules, quick data entry tasks, researching for suppliers, answering emails and managing data. This is comparable to having an admin assistant by which the position may need someone who is organised and detail oriented.
  2. Content Writing. If the business needs a lot of articles to be submitted regularly, then a full-time content writer can be hired. Some of these writers can also be paid per article if the service is only required occasionally.
  3. Web Development. Being one of the most outsourced jobs, a virtual assistant who specialises in web development can design, build and maintain the company website. Hiring this type of virtual assistant is highly recommended especially if nobody in the company has much knowledge in web technicalities.
  4. Online Marketing. This field of service can branch out to specific services such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, Email Marketing and Social Media Management; all of which are online tactics executed to further increase brand awareness. This is best outsourced when the company has established its corporate identity and has initiated its marketing plan.
  5. Graphic Design. All creative layouts for both online and offline marketing collaterals may be outsourced through a virtual assistant who has a knack for graphic design. The outputs may be from online banners to flyers and brochures.
  6. Bookkeeping. Recording expenses and computing for taxes are some of the things most people do not enjoy doing, but a virtual assistant may be able to help out in this case especially if the business is bound by heavy compliance requirements.


There are more jobs that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant such as development of courseware programs or digital training materials. Having to outsource almost anything is possible given the growth of cloud computing, however, this may be a cause for companies to commit the same mistake of outsourcing the wrong service. Given that thought, how can a business determine the right service to outsource? The real key is to pass services that will support the business rather than have the virtual team run the majority of its core functions. Couple that knowledge with a solid operational procedure and a clear directive of the company’s goals, a business will surely reap the full benefits of outsourcing.


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