Instructional Designers Hiring In-House Versus Outsourcing

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The quality of your instructional design can make or break the effectiveness of your learning modules. After all, they’re not just making your modules—they’re making sure they’re tailored to suit the needs of your students, and imparting knowledge as clearly and effectively as manageable. It would make sense that a business would rather have their own staff handling their instructional design, in order to better control and monitor the work being done on those learning modules.

However, as with any industry, in-house hiring entails going the extra mile (in some cases, literally). First comes the entire cycle of hiring, filtering your applicants then training said applicants—training in itself will involve some costs in training materials. Sure you can directly control the quality of the work they put out—but this also means having to take a more active stance in management of these instructional designers. Time spent on them could be time spent on pursuing other business endeavours.

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How Outsourcing Your Online Training Needs Could Benefit Your Business

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How much does your company invest in training its trainers?

We’re not talking about simple money matters here—getting a trainer ‘battle-ready’ for their learners takes a significant amount of time and effort on top of the financial costs of the materials involved. Let’s say your trainers are sufficiently trained—TAE certifications and everything. Now comes the arduous task of actually assembling those learning modules. All this time you could be educating learners (be it in the classroom or online) instead of attending to your company’s training needs.

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Are You Still Stuck in Your Old Traditional Training Materials

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Education is an industry that’s literally as old as the human race. As soon as our ancestors figured out that younger people had to be trained in knowledge and skills, education began—first with oral tradition then eventually through establishing institutions for learning.

Today, several schools are still confident in the traditional training methods. Despite technological advancements, one can’t deny that the simple classroom lectures are still capable of getting knowledge across to students. Paper documentation still survives and if the paper itself decays, can be encoded onto another document. A significant portion of the academe has built their portfolio using traditional methods and swears by the benefits of ‘good old-fashioned learning’.

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5 Ways to Gamify Your eLearning Modules/Online Training

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Using games to enrich learning is by no means new to the education industry. It’s not rare for elementary teachers to have students compete in order to show how much they’ve learned from the class, and several schools are still fond of holding education-based competitions like spelling bees and debate contests.

Gamification is the practice of essentially making games out of things that aren’t games. Don’t mistake this for making light of something serious, however—this is, simply put, putting game elements into something in order to keep the audience engaged. This is decidedly easy in a classroom setting: You can pit students against each other in little competitions. It gets a bit trickier when you’re creating modules for online training, which a student is meant to complete on their own.

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Sign up as a Briston Virtual Services Certified Partner

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Are you looking to start your own business this 2016? Sign up as a Briston Virtual Services Certified Partner to be able to provide effective business solutions whilst tapping new markets.

This is also the only reseller programme for outsourced services in Australia that combines training, mentoring, and free marketing support all in one package for the company and its owner.


Outsourcing or virtual services is no longer a fad. It is now a way of doing business for many Australian companies regardless of size. Virtual services makes sense due to the fact that a company is able to still deliver and operate despite many challenges like higher operational costs, sectoral stability, and acquisition of quality talent. Thus, the demand for this is on the rise and so is the capacity to provide support. Join us now and be able to offer and sell tried and tested cost-effective virtual packages.

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How your small business can benefit from Social Media


How your small business can benefit from Social Media

Back in the day, businesses relied heavily on tri-media advertising. Tri-media gave them airtime on TV and on the radio while reinforcing brand recall on print. It was considered the most effective way of creating brand popularity but the costs were high and most of the time, only big companies could afford it.

As technology evolved, more aggressive marketing techniques were done through telemarketing and email blasts. But some found these techniques intrusive and quite pushy, thus people often avoided them to the point of demanding to be taken off the call or email list. At that point, a better and more interactive form of marketing was in need.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Facebook Page Management


Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Facebook Page Management

Social media presence has become a huge factor in the success of many small businesses today. More entrepreneurs Other than having the largest reach, Facebook is also the easiest to use and to navigate. Everything you need is in one place and it is pretty simple to start a page.

But as your business grows, the amount of time consumed in keeping your page updated also increases. In order to keep up, you need more content for your page. So before things get too busy for you, it would be a good idea to have someone help you with your Facebook Page Management. Below are 3 good reasons why it is best to do so:

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GoDaddy Launches in Australia to Tap Small Businesses


GoDaddy recently launched its Australian operations Wednesday, July 29, 2015. This is to serve customers based in Australia and to help small businesses aiming to jumpstart their online presence.

GoDaddy is currently one of the largest web domain and hosting companies in the world serving millions of businesses in different countries. Prior to the launch, GoDaddy already has a significant number of users from Australia which pushed them to have a team focused to cater to the Australian market. According to James Carroll, head of international business and development of GoDaddy, Australian customers have been using the platform and there has been an increase on the number of local users. Carroll hopes that GoDaddy could be the platform used by small businesses to build their brand. By having a team dedicated to GoDaddy users in Australia, they will be able to provide better customer service to their existing and potential target market.

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6 Recommended Services to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Briston - Virtual Assistant

Some business owners believe they can outsource anything, but they’re wrong. They get carried away with the thought that outsourcing is the absolute solution to cost reduction. Again they’re wrong. This is where businesses make mistakes. They think they can just hand down everything to a team of virtual assistants, but really, that is just corporate suicide. If the business is still growing, one cannot simply toss core functions to a team that is not seen every day. There are selected services that can be passed on to a virtual assistant, these include the following:

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