Briston Virtual Services

Briston is able to take your ideas, thoughts, visions and overall story to make it a reality. Our eLearning design team are equipped to take your learning resources to the next level. Let us help you deliver your message.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs is a module from our induction package that incorporates video, animation and highly interactive learning. Briston Virtual Services can create tailor made online courses that are customised for your organisational needs. Check out the video of a student working their way through the module.

The Briston Hub

Briston have recognised the flaws within the conventional training model. We have watched other RTOs rigidly stick to the same old systems and programs, driving the costs of your training up, and the standards of delivery down. So at Briston we have decided to evolve past business as usual.

Briston Outsourcing Service Solutions

Briston Outsourcing Service Solutions (BOSS) is an emerging global provider of professional business services that empowers organisations to optimise their total business operations. We strive to become the go-to partner for large enterprises aiming to transform their businesses into high performing, results-driven and customer-oriented organisations.
Do you want to know more about BOSS and outsourcing? Watch this video.