Services » Finance Support Services Package

All staff will hold their Bachelors of Science Accounting, experience varies current staff we have working for Briston have 5 years full time experience.

All staff hold a PICPA which is recognised as part of the International Federation of Accountants which Australia’s CPA, ICA and IPA are all part of. This means that they are held to the highest expectations for registration. The only main difference is that the Philippines staff can not lodge BAS while they are outside of Australian residence.

Excellent, In most cases English is their first language; however, they do have a slight American accent.

Yes all staff will be qualified accountants to handle any financial and book keeping accounts.

Predominately yes you will have the same contact, It depends on the size of your account if you only require 2-3 hours per month we evan save you money by making use of qualified staffs free hours.

All staff will have an exceptional understanding of the software platform of your choice. We recommend XERO but can support in any platform preference.

Our staff can do anything you require, the only thing they can not do is physically lodge your BAS. They will prepare everything and either yourself or your accountant can hit go.

Briston have very strict internal checks in place by a senior accountant on staff. The client also has the final say.

Mediation will occur, if the relationship between yourself and the staff member can not be salvaged then a replacement will be allocated at no cost or disruption to your company. If there is a dispute between your company and Briston there is a mediation process as well and if the relationship isn’t repairable then their is a break clause/ release that can be implemented.

The Privacy law required that you inform your clients that their details maybe sent off shore, this is safe and secure. You can assimilate our staff into your organisation so for all respective circumstances they are your staff, just located in Manila.

The problems we have faced have been from  incorporating  a business in the Philippines and not from a Client Support perspective.

In the beginning we had an issue with reliable phone contact, our new voip system is now extremely reliable to the point where we have covered all phone contact for a client that has over 1200 staff Australia wide.

We have now been in business for almost 2 years and all but the smallest teething issues have been ironed out.

Account manager but you also have the ability to contact the staff directly. We allocate a account manager if your account has multiple areas i.e. Accounting, IT, Administration.

Absolutely, this is a perfect way for a small business looking to expand to get the required outcome and support at fraction of the cost. It will allow you to focus funds saved back into the growth of your business.

We can support any size. At the moment we can support you for as little as 10 hours a week through to full time staff. We can support just your personal business through to an accounting firm with clients in the hundreds.

We have both options, we will lead youth the option that will cost you the least. If you have the work for it we can allocate a staff member to you and you will pay an hourly/ yearly rate or you can buy a set package from us for a set amount and that will allocate a certain amount of hours to you.

There is no set up or annual fee. The cost will depend on the size of support you require.

Any finical support will be at $25 per hour. Some tasks will be easier and other more difficult, we have just rounded this number at a fixed hourly rate of $25 per hour.

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Services » Social Media Marketing Services Package

Your social media login details such as links, usernames, and passwords are treated as highly confidential assets. They are kept in an excel file that is shared between you (Client), Peter McCloud (BVS National Sales Director), and your BVS Social Media POC.

Any changes to these login details should be reported to the above-mentioned personnel.

BVS will not disclose any confidential information to anyone other than the BVS National Sales Director, your BVS Social Media POC, and his/her team.

Your BVS Social Media Team (composed of the POC and his/her team) will assume the identity of the person(s) or group(s) that is/are being represented by your social media accounts. This means BVS will be posting status updates, writing articles, commenting on others posts, adding connections, participating in group discussions and messaging prospects on your or your group’s behalf.

Under the BVS social media marketing services package, BVS will be producing the following for you monthly:

  1. Weekly status updates/posts (short messages) = at least 2 per week
  2. Four (4) original articles
  3. Eight (3) curated content for resharing
  4. Customised messages/scripts to be sent to your target clients
  5. Customised messages/scripts to be sent as invites to target connections

BVS will develop these materials for the exclusive use of your business therefore these posts, messages, and articles are owned by you. However, you may not redistribute or resell these materials for profit while still under contract with BVS.

Yes. All articles, messages, scripts, short posts will be sent to you for your review and approval. This is to ensure that all materials are aligned with your requirements. Unless authorised by you, no content is to be made public on your social media accounts without your consent.

Yes. BVS uses 2 different software products to help us control and monitor your social media accounts – a top social media management tool and a highly detailed project management and time-tracking tool. BVS will grant you access to the latter.


These 2 software products come free with your social media marketing service contract with us.

BVS as your social media marketing consultant and service provider will use best effort to implement the project requirements detailed in your contract with us, as well as to perform various social media strategies that are designed to meet your business goals. However, BVS does not guarantee direct sales/profit unless the account is designed to function as an online store. Social media is usually measured by the following:

  1. Reach
  2. Site traffic
  3. Leads generated
  4. Sign-ups and conversions
  5. Revenue generated (for online stores and accounts used to support e-commerce sites)

BVS will provide you with a weekly activity log where all action performed on your accounts will be detailed.

The metrics above will be presented to you in a monthly analytics report generated per social media platform. This will be submitted to you within the 1st week of the succeeding month. Example: 1st week of November for the October Analytics Report.

BVS is free from any liability resulting from the activities that are being implemented within your social media accounts.


However, BVS will still assist you in launching a reputation management campaign done via social media. These activities will need to be reviewed and approved by the Client before implementation.


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