GoDaddy Launches in Australia to Tap Small Businesses


GoDaddy recently launched its Australian operations Wednesday, July 29, 2015. This is to serve customers based in Australia and to help small businesses aiming to jumpstart their online presence.

GoDaddy is currently one of the largest web domain and hosting companies in the world serving millions of businesses in different countries. Prior to the launch, GoDaddy already has a significant number of users from Australia which pushed them to have a team focused to cater to the Australian market. According to James Carroll, head of international business and development of GoDaddy, Australian customers have been using the platform and there has been an increase on the number of local users. Carroll hopes that GoDaddy could be the platform used by small businesses to build their brand. By having a team dedicated to GoDaddy users in Australia, they will be able to provide better customer service to their existing and potential target market.

Tara Commerford is assigned as the country manager to lead the business on the ground in Australia. Commerford says that Australia is built on small businesses and many of them do not have a website of their own. She stressed that GoDaddy could encourage these small businesses to enhance their digital presence with affordable products and customer care. Rajiv Sodhi, India and Australia vice president and managing director says that GoDaddy is more focused on serving tailored solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).

GoDaddy is looking forward to expanding into other countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East in the near future to further deliver and improve custom solutions to other customers across the globe.

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