How Outsourcing Your Online Training Needs Could Benefit Your Business


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How much does your company invest in training its trainers?

We’re not talking about simple money matters here—getting a trainer ‘battle-ready’ for their learners takes a significant amount of time and effort on top of the financial costs of the materials involved. Let’s say your trainers are sufficiently trained—TAE certifications and everything. Now comes the arduous task of actually assembling those learning modules. All this time you could be educating learners (be it in the classroom or online) instead of attending to your company’s training needs.

The key to putting out good training modules is, of course, in your instructional designers (ID for short). These designers aren’t just there to create learning modules—it’s their job to know what type of instructions works best for the learner, determine what needs to be done for the learning to be conveyed to them, and then “transition” the learner into their state of having been successfully instructed in the learning material. In other words, they’re the ones who take a learner from “uneducated” to “competent” in as efficient and effective a way as possible.

Let’s go back to that simple premise of training your trainers, but with the added layer of instructional design before the training itself. Not only must a company have competent trainers on its staff, it also needs to have a well-built team of instructional designers. Effectively you’re shelling out to train your trainers in addition to the ones behind the materials used for their training.

Here’s a solution: Outsource your instructional design.

Perhaps you’re a smaller company that is all for education but doesn’t have its own team of instructional designers churning out those modules. Or maybe you do have a team but they’re in need of support—there’s no end to the industry’s demands for training, and a smaller team is hard-pressed to keep up with that need.

By outsourcing your online training needs, you’re minimising the costs of training—someone else will be creating those learning modules for you. Your own staff of tutors can then focus on actually delivering the learning and assisting the learners. Training modules will come to you proofread, ready-made and locked-in for presentation through your medium of choice—whether you’re uploading them to your website or presenting them to a class.

Briston Virtual Services is a company with a dedicated staff of instructional designers, ready to produce the training modules you need. Our competencies in the industry are geared towards supporting a variety of clients—whether you’re a startup in need of some assistance or an industry veteran who needs to delegate some tasks involved in several projects. Combining industry knowledge with years of experience, we’re here to provide you with the solutions to your online training needs.

We tailor our support teams to each client so you’re sure to get the right amount of expertise for your specific business need—in this case, training. Stellar results for low costs will enable your business to increase its profit margin while still delivering the output that you want.


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