Instructional Designers Hiring In-House Versus Outsourcing


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The quality of your instructional design can make or break the effectiveness of your learning modules. After all, they’re not just making your modules—they’re making sure they’re tailored to suit the needs of your students, and imparting knowledge as clearly and effectively as manageable. It would make sense that a business would rather have their own staff handling their instructional design, in order to better control and monitor the work being done on those learning modules.

However, as with any industry, in-house hiring entails going the extra mile (in some cases, literally). First comes the entire cycle of hiring, filtering your applicants then training said applicants—training in itself will involve some costs in training materials. Sure you can directly control the quality of the work they put out—but this also means having to take a more active stance in management of these instructional designers. Time spent on them could be time spent on pursuing other business endeavours.

Compare this with the pros and cons of outsourced labour. Outsourcing a task skips the entire employee hiring step—you’re put in touch straightaway with a workforce specific to your business need. Having skipped the training of new employees, you’ve already reduced your costs; and in outsourcing you’re likely to get a similar amount of competency for lesser cost than hiring for yourself. Outsourced workers come “pre-trained,” so to speak. Get in touch with the right business partner and you’ll be taking on a team specifically trained for the task at hand, fully competent and ready to provide.

That’s all for hiring in general. How about in the context of instructional design?

Instructional designers are meant to work efficiently and effectively, able to quickly identify the appropriate approach to a learner through the instruction that they’re designing—usually via learning guides. An instructional designer’s daily work is a constant choice between how to teach a learner. For the purposes of your business, it’s a simple choice between an investment of time and resources in training your own or an investment in someone who’s already been trained for this meticulous, highly subjective (instructional design has some element of psychology) task.

Briston Virtual Services is a company with a dedicated staff of instructional designers, ready to produce the training modules you need. Our competencies in the industry are geared towards supporting a variety of clients—whether you’re a startup in need of some assistance or an industry veteran who needs to delegate some tasks involved in several projects. Combining industry knowledge with years of experience, we’re here to provide you with the solutions to your online training needs.

We tailor our support teams to each client so you’re sure to get the right amount of expertise for your specific business need—in this case, training. Stellar results for low costs will enable your business to increase its profit margin while still delivering the output that you want. Instead of hiring your own instructional designers, allow us to create the support package to fulfill your training needs.

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