Smart Outsourcing : Maximising ROI by Tackling Common Issues


As there are two sides of the same coin, outsourcing has its advantages and disadvantages. While the benefit of getting quality service at a lower cost is highlighted, there are emerging issues that makes business owners think that they might be at a loss if they gear towards outsourcing.

The way to maximising Return of Investment (ROI) in outsourcing is by identifying those risks initially and targeting a solution for each. Here is how to address outsourcing issues to maximize the service value:

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Hiring In-House vs Outsourcing

If business owners were to immediately resort to outsourcing blinded with the benefit of lowering their operational costs, results may be disappointing due to the lack of analysing if outsourcing is the appropriate business move. In the middle of a crucial business decision, how can one determine the better option between hiring in-house employees and outsourcing?

When to Hire In-house Employees

Having employees with exceptional skills in a business is a major factor in company growth. Here are some of the situations which can be determinants to hiring in-house employees:

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The other reasons why companies outsource


Outsourcing serves as a prominent business solution for companies aiming at reducing their costs. However, is cost reduction the only benefit one can reap from outsourcing?

Outsourcing will always be associated with savings, considering the following benefits:

  • Outsourced staff have lower salary rates
  • Cheaper office rentals
  • Cheaper office supplies and equipment costs
  • Lower expatriate living costs

There are other gains from outsourcing that may be unnoticeable by some but could definitely be opportunities for company growth.

    • Stretching business availability to 24/7. Several industries could improve levels of customer service by extending their contact accessibility beyond the usual dayshift. For some small business owners, this could be an investment, especially if most of their customers are busy during the day.
    • The option to be more competitive and innovative. These days upgrading IT resources is becoming a requirement rather than an option. It could improve corporate communications, database administration, quicken deliverables, scale production and even provide an edge against competitors. Combine IT with ‘creatives’ and it could also cultivate innovation to attract more clients.
    • Global expansion possibilities. There are businesses that have found themselves expanding their companies through outsourcing. Some of their clients have come from their satellite offices outside the country, motivating them to further develop their global reach.

    Is it possible to outsource only one person while still maintaining security? How can a business scale an environment with a diverse culture? Is it possible to reach the peak of efficiency without any major compromise on the current business operations? Yes, and the solution is to partner with a company that is not only an expert in delivering quality remote services but one that also has a rich industry insight that allows a collaborative outsourcing partnership geared for growth.

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Task Organisation Framework: A Whole New Approach to Business


Consumer demand has consistently influenced companies to explore and create ways to further their capabilities and achieve their sales targets. The journey towards these goals is often hard, laborious, and costly. It could even be worse for small and medium businesses because they have very limited resources as compared to their bigger counterparts.

The truth is, it is a competitive world out there. Companies should stay ahead of the game, be top of mind for their customers, and make relevant income all at the same time. The solution – a system that will integrate and connect functions within the business value chain. At Briston Virtual Services, we call this system our Task Organisation Framework.

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The Significance of Integrated Process Outsourcing


Common misconceptions such as risk to security and losing control of a core business functions have made outsourcing appear farfetched. In order to significantly drop the risk, Briston Virtual Services have established a solid procedure for outsourcing to work as an asset for clients. Thus, resulting in Briston’s Integrated Process Outsourcing or IPO.

  • A systematic and strategic approach to outsourcing that instills a goal-oriented process addressing the corporate needs of the client.
  • Australian Managed Solutions that will assist in overseeing and supervising operations to ensure that all specifications are meeting standard requirements. Having an Australian manager work along-side the staff is also the key to break communication barriers with the client while bridging the gap made by cross-cultural differences.
  • A blueprint that maps the end-to-end project enabling methods to a more efficient operation. This includes the milestones, implementation and the function of all essential elements for the project.
  • A transparent log of project execution for clients to check on progress, encouraging them to make clarifications or changes in the directions when necessary.
  • Cost reduction options that are most favourable for clients while delivering quality results.
  • The capability of providing talented and flexible professionals where you can have complete communication access to freely hand over tasks to support daily operations.
  • A thorough analysis to prepare solutions for anticipated issues that could become a potential problem to production.

While IPO manages major elements leading to the success of a project, directives come from client decisions and this gives our clients the overall control of the project. The flexible and iterative tactics involved in IPO allows the client to experience continuous process improvement and achieve business growth with the support of Briston.

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Top 3 Outsourcing Trends this 2015


Information Technology has become a target for outsourcing over recent years. 2015 could be the year for most businesses to step up and be more focused on increasing their IT resources, as a few IT experts release some of the trends for this year:

Results-Oriented Pricing

There are businesses that complain about outsourcing, that the quality of work is not as high as local services, despite the advantage of reducing costs. Marc Tanowitz, partner with outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon, says that we should see an increase in market facing process solution that enables providers to align their compensation and incentives with the buyer’s intended business outcomes. This will mean that companies might be more particular with quality work they need by which this may lead to a results-oriented contract arrangement with outsourcing providers.

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