Task Organisation Framework

Briston custom builds support teams for clients to service their strategic goals, bringing expertise in areas such as training, administration, finance and HR. We provide low cost solutions, deliver highly effective results in cost reduction, quality assurance and revenue growth.

Briston Virtual Services have developed a simple yet comprehensive approach to effectively manage outsourced deliverables for our clients that support the determined growth plans aimed by small and medium businesses.

Our framework allows business solutions to be structured in accordance with the client’s business requirements and to be versatile for more growth options in the future. Working alongside a dedicated Australian Account Manager, we collaborate with you in every stage of the project life cycle as we connect various strengths and proficiencies for service departments and then we refine them based on your project specifications to come up with a customised solution.

Our Task Organisation Framework:

Research and analyse client’s current business landscape

Identify areas for improvement and collaborate with client in setting their serviceable requirements.

Link the client’s requirement with the applicable department

Integrate and structure virtual capabilities based on the specific needs of the client.

Develop integration and Service Delivery Plan

Controlled Implementation and management.

Integrated Process Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

Traditional Outsourcing involves contracting some of your business operations to external service providers and entails giving out non-core and low-intensive processes or less-demanding operations to external agencies that specialise in providing these services. Most of the popular functions that are being outsourced today are payroll and other HR services, information technology management, design and marketing, and customer care services.

What are the Challenges?

Traditional outsourcing if seen in a more advanced context looks like a one-way solution – you have a requirement and a BPO delivers the services. The typical concern that providers identify is the high cost of operating a business. The truth is, there are still some other issues that may arise along the way.

Your chosen BPO should also be able to address poor communication, cultural differences, poor knowledge sharing, goal and timeline setting, insufficiency of talent and capabilities along with adding value to the solution that has been provided. This is where Briston’s Integrated Process Outsourcing applies – a 360-degree approach in supporting clients.

The Briston Solution – Integrated Process Outsourcing

Briston Virtual Services has developed a process that aims to improve the overall client experience of businesses planning to outsource. This is done by giving you a bird’s eye view of all the stages of project development from ground level, conceptualisation, design, implementation, up to modification. Integrated Process Outsourcing also means having a dedicated Australian Account Manager that will assist you in overseeing and managing all elements of your requirements. Our managers will also ensure that all materials submitted to you are of high-quality and are consistently aligned to your project specifications.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide scalable and highly flexible support teams, where you have total access to communicate and delegate tasks to your virtual teams. Partnering with us means you have the full support of a virtual team which specialises in your required capability. At any time, this team may be upgraded and expanded to cater to a different service category. We bring to you talent and expertise from such areas as human resource management, education and training, finance, and office administration. At Briston Virtual Services, our partnership means working together to engineer the best support team possible to achieve your changing business needs and goals. This along with our Task Organisation Framework are two customised processes that will deliver highly effective results in cost reduction, quality assurance and revenue growth.