How your small business can benefit from Social Media




How your small business can benefit from Social Media

Back in the day, businesses relied heavily on tri-media advertising. Tri-media gave them airtime on TV and on the radio while reinforcing brand recall on print. It was considered the most effective way of creating brand popularity but the costs were high and most of the time, only big companies could afford it.

As technology evolved, more aggressive marketing techniques were done through telemarketing and email blasts. But some found these techniques intrusive and quite pushy, thus people often avoided them to the point of demanding to be taken off the call or email list. At that point, a better and more interactive form of marketing was in need.

Enter Social Media. It was initially intended as a way to connect with family and friends in a faster and more interactive way. But when businesses realised that this communication channel has the capacity for advertising and marketing, it then became an important mechanism in promoting various products and services. It changed the way things were done in the world of advertising and marketing. On the practical side, it solidly shines on the most important things: increased brand recognition, lower marketing costs, and better customer engagement.

With social media, even small businesses can now get their brand out there and reach their target market in a faster and more cost effective way. Below are some ways your own business can benefit from social media exposure.


1. Personal touch

No one knows your business better than you do. So when it comes to telling people what your products and services are about, no one can do it better than you. Got a new product to advertise? Post a photo of it with a caption explaining what it is. At the very least, your post will be seen. It can be seen and completely ignored, it can be read and ignored, but it can also be read and shared.

Also, putting out your own advertisements allows you to connect with your customers in a personal way and it can build up your brand through direct interaction with customers. They not only see you on TV, hear about you on the radio, or read about you in print ads; they can actually talk to you and provide you feedback directly. And when this goes really well, your customers will share your products and services without hesitation. As in any business, your customers are your best form of advertisement. Nothing makes you more credible than when your customers recommend you to their family or friends – and these people will most likely take your customers’ word and become your customers, too.

2. Maximum visibility and wider market reach

Social media is ubiquitous yet subtle, and can deliver the message without being too invasive. In many ways, it is easier for people to learn about something when they have control over the information they are getting and when they are getting it. This is why social media is an excellent channel to promote your business. You can be seen without forcing anyone to pay attention to you when they don’t want to, and you can be easily found when people are looking for you.

3. Get found – fast.
Millions of people engage in social media. The Share button is the best thing ever made for spreading word about your business.


So if you still aren’t on any Social Media platform at this point, start now. There are about a billion photos and information items being posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Is your business associated with any of them?

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