The Significance of Integrated Process Outsourcing


Common misconceptions such as risk to security and losing control of a core business functions have made outsourcing appear farfetched. In order to significantly drop the risk, Briston Virtual Services have established a solid procedure for outsourcing to work as an asset for clients. Thus, resulting in Briston’s Integrated Process Outsourcing or IPO.

  • A systematic and strategic approach to outsourcing that instills a goal-oriented process addressing the corporate needs of the client.
  • Australian Managed Solutions that will assist in overseeing and supervising operations to ensure that all specifications are meeting standard requirements. Having an Australian manager work along-side the staff is also the key to break communication barriers with the client while bridging the gap made by cross-cultural differences.
  • A blueprint that maps the end-to-end project enabling methods to a more efficient operation. This includes the milestones, implementation and the function of all essential elements for the project.
  • A transparent log of project execution for clients to check on progress, encouraging them to make clarifications or changes in the directions when necessary.
  • Cost reduction options that are most favourable for clients while delivering quality results.
  • The capability of providing talented and flexible professionals where you can have complete communication access to freely hand over tasks to support daily operations.
  • A thorough analysis to prepare solutions for anticipated issues that could become a potential problem to production.

While IPO manages major elements leading to the success of a project, directives come from client decisions and this gives our clients the overall control of the project. The flexible and iterative tactics involved in IPO allows the client to experience continuous process improvement and achieve business growth with the support of Briston.

Briston’s IPO is not merely oriented to deliver cost reduction. It aims to protect your investment by applying a 360 degree approach to ensure clients receive quality services while reducing cost.

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