Top 3 Popular Jobs to Outsource


The number of outsourcing business solution providers has increased over the past ten years. With this becoming a global stream, numerous companies have invested in offshoring to cut the costs of business operations. Coupled with fast paced of technology, more services have become virtually available for companies. Small businesses have emerged with outsourcing as their operational resources. The most popular jobs to outsource include the following:

1. Customer Service Representatives

This job is one of the pioneers that led to the growth of outsourcing. Comparing the rates of local employees to those in other countries, large companies have seen the potential of greatly lowering the costs. With the proper accent and culture training, this could give businesses more available to addressing customer concerns quickly.

2. Web Development

Each business needs its own website nowadays to compete with the flexibility of having another medium to reach their target market. Web developers handle the end-to-end progress of designing and building the website in accordance with the company brand. The results may be e-commerce sites, web applications and interactive features to boost sales.

3. Graphic Design

There is a demand in hiring project-based graphic designers instead of hiring a department. Graphic design services include all creative concepts and materials for web and print. This is recommended for those companies that do not often require these services. Others also tend to hire full-time designers if their graphic design needs involve regular publishing tasks such as newspaper and magazine releases.

Other outsourcing jobs include writing, book keeping, human resources and medical transcriptionists. Most of the outsourced jobs are typically those that are not the core function of the business. Keep in mind that there are roles that are hard to be filled by hiring in-house employees. If you would like to find out about your outsourcing options, contact BVS.


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