Briston Virtual Services understands the challenges and operations of businesses, most especially those operating within the training and education sector. With our solid experience as an RTO, we offer tailored and suitable solutions that match our client’s business needs. Make use of the many benefits of partnering with us for your training support needs:

  • Reduced cost
  • Optimised business capabilities
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Enhanced training quality
  • Guaranteed compliance with government requirements
  • Increased student engagement


Explore a smarter and a more flexible approach to training support with Briston Virtual Services. We provide assistance through the following customisable solutions:

Training Design

Supercharge your training efforts with a training resources that fit your organisation’s learning requirements whilst addressing your unique business objectives.

ELearning Solutions

Be at the forefront of online, mobile-ready and interactive course delivery with Briston Virtual Services eLearning solutions. Our eLearning materials are all responsive, creative and strategically aligned to complement your holistic training approach. Click here to learn more

LMS Creation, Hosting & Management

Our extensive experience in building and using various Learning Management Systems (LMS) enables us to efficiently support other organisations in integrating and maximising their preferred LMS solution. Our team of highly experienced IT and training staff also collaborate for some of our clients who require a customised program specifically designed for their company.

Learning Resource Conversion (Hardcopy to Online)

We recognise your organisation’s need to convert outdated training materials and documents into digital formats. Our design team will work with you to assess your existing content and develop it into online materials.

Communication Materials (Presentations & Prezis)

Briston Virtual Services can help establish a library of support communication materials that can be used to carry content, to document training-related information, and to promote your activities to your internal and external audiences.

Instructional Videos

Many businesses now advocate the use of instructional videos on their website, social media, and on their learning management systems. Briston Virtual Services works with its pool of highly experienced instructional designers to develop videos and other multimedia materials that are guaranteed to enhance your current training program.


Our training support services are all available in your preferred hourly package delivered to you monthly for a minimum period of 12 months.