Exhibiting business identity online is a requirement, not an option. Now that the World Wide Web is one of the strongest mediums in communicating brands, more businesses have invested in websites to transform them, not only as a source of information for products and services, but a platform for sales conversion.

Briston Virtual Services specialise in delivering web solutions including graphic design and layout, conceptualisation and customisation of web applications, creation of contact forms, appointment systems, and other functionalities. Briston Virtual Services can also customise and develop complex site features that will cater to your company’s specific goals and needs. Some of the types of websites that we manage for our clients are e-commerce, directory, and catalogue websites.

  • Installation and setup of WordPress
  • Customisation of WordPress template with your logo & slogan
  • Product or service images placed throughout your website*
  • Customisation of menus & categories
  • Contact page with form submission by email
  • Consultation with a professional copywriter
  • Newsletter integration with email marketing tools
  • Social media integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Consultation for strategies and tips on content to get the best SEO results


  • Content development
  • Domain name registration and hosting
  • SEO optimisation services
  • Ongoing WordPress management and support
* Images to be provided by the client.


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